We invest in real estate transactions where we can utilize our expertise to positively impact the communities in which we invest.

Real estate has been part of the predecessor firm’s strategy since 2000, when we first began pursuing real estate opportunities through our private equity strategy. DiliCapital pursues real estate opportunities, including property-level equity, debt and special transactions and businesses, with significant real estate holdings that can benefit from our operational expertise.

Equity or Purchase
We partner with real estate owners, lenders, operators, and developers to provide flexible capital to address transaction-specific needs, including the development, outright purchase, financing of existing assets or companies, and funding future development or acquisition opportunities.

Our Partners
We work continually to build resources, hire talented individuals, and increase our network of professional relationships to make us “a partner of choice”. We protect our partners’ capital, generate superior returns, and continue to earn their loyalty. We only succeed when our partners are successful.


Local Expertise
DiliCapital real estate team works closely with local market deal teams who have strong knowledge of the markets. Concentrating on market fundamentals, we target the most vital assets in our primary markets by employing a proactive and opportunistic investment strategy. We generate and evaluate highly selective deals on an exclusive, directly negotiated basis with sponsors.

We seek to partner with sponsors or acquire well-located, undermanaged, or underutilized real estate assets. We establish a business plan for each investment, identifying strategies to optimize income by instituting best-in-class management. Post-acquisition, we also invest in the properties to improve them for a long-term asset in our portfolio or sell the assets and return capital to our limited partners.

Our real estate credit business provides creative and comprehensive financing solutions across the capital structure and risk spectrum. We originate loans and invest in debt instruments underpinned by high-quality real estate. We invest in both debt and equity in the same project if it benefits the sponsor and environment, and meets our investment returns requirements.


Real Estate Project Finance
DiliCapital arranged a $150 million real estate development and construction loan for a Cameroonian real estate company by collateralizing the credit bond delivered as security for the loan.

​University Financing
DiliCapital worked with a Sierra Leonean Company to structure $50 million financing for a university construction project by reliance on the guarantee issued by Standard Chartered Bank as collateral for the loan. Our team worked closely with the client and their financing advisors on the project implementation plan.

Saskatoon Development
DiliCapital raised about $1.5 million from Limited Partners for a 27-townhouse development and construction project in Saskatoon in 2012. We secured $5 million credit from Romspen investment in Toronto. In 2015, the Limited Partners assumed management of the project.