We are committed to working with individuals and businesses to develop and implement innovative ideas that can promote economic growth and enable social progress in our communities.

DiliCapital is committed to inspiring entrepreneurship by leveraging the resources and intellectual capital of DiliCapital. Our philanthropy empowers entrepreneurs, generates jobs, and supports the communities where we live and work.

Entrepreneurship Initiative
In 2016, the DiliCapital announced its Entrepreneurship Initiative, a commitment to advance entrepreneurial thought and activity in Canada, Africa and the Caribbean, through DiliCapital Entrepreneurs Network (DEN), DiliCapital Inclusive Entrepreneurship Challenge (DIEC), and DiliCapital Innovation Grants (DIG). Our activities encourage and empower entrepreneurs who create jobs and stimulate economic growth. We also work with leaders across stakeholder groups to break down barriers and collaborate in building a more robust entrepreneurial ecosystem for all.

Supporting Communities
DiliCapital is committed to supporting the communities we work and live in. Through DiliCapital Connect (DC) and our general Grants & Giving (G&G) programs, we help organizations dedicated to improving the economic and social conditions of communities in need.