DiliCapital innovative Co-Management model is redefining investment through collaboration, transparency, tangible returns, and shared achievements.

Reimagined Investment Management                                                              Our Co-Management model innovatively redefines investment management, fostering collaboration with diverse stakeholders—businesses, family offices, private equity, and venture capital. This dynamic framework empowers active participation in decision-making, transforming stakeholders into integral contributors for navigating lucrative investment opportunities beyond financial commitments.

​Transformative Transparency
Co-Management prioritizes transparency, granting comprehensive visibility into the investment landscape. This empowers participants with deep insights, fostering trust and informed decision-making. The model transforms the investor relationship into a dynamic collaboration, enriching the management process with diverse expertise for enhanced efficacy.

Synergistic Achievements                                                                                  Co-Management extends beyond collaboration and transparency, providing stakeholders with tangible returns through earned management fees. This financial incentive aligns interests, fostering a symbiotic relationship that shares collective success, making our model a holistic redefinition of investment management focused on shared achievements.


Investment Due Diligence:
Conducting thorough investment analysis is crucial for evaluating project health. Scrutinizing financial statements provides insights for informed decision-making, ensuring sound investment choices.

Decision-Making and Asset Allocation:
Utilizing data-driven insights, we adapt strategies to align with market trends, economic conditions, and changing investor needs. Asset allocation, managed collaboratively, optimizes returns and manages risks through a diversified approach.

Investment Selection and Implementation:
Strategic identification of assets with growth potential enhances portfolio performance. Aligning choices with objectives, risk tolerance, and market dynamics ensures a coherent and goal-oriented approach to portfolio management.

Diversification and Investment Monitoring:
Building a robust investment portfolio through diversification mitigates risk and enhances potential for stable, long-term returns. Continuous performance assessment involves regular evaluation and adjustment, ensuring alignment with client goals and adapting to changing market conditions.

Performance Measurement Reporting:
Our technology platform seamlessly implements metrics for performance measurement and transparent reporting. This fosters transparency between managers, Co-Managers, and investors, supporting informed decision-making for a clear understanding of investment outcomes.

Client Communication:
Periodic reports foster transparency and trust. Regular updates on portfolio performance, market trends, and strategy adjustments empower clients to make informed decisions, promoting a collaborative and informed partnership.

Market Responsiveness:
Executing plans amidst changing conditions is crucial. Market responsiveness involves adapting investment strategies to economic landscapes, regulatory changes, and emerging opportunities, ensuring resilience in uncertain environments.


DiliCapital Co-Management services aim to professionally manage financial resources for investors and Co-Managers’ diverse portfolios. Focused on sustainable long-term returns, services align with Co-Manager’s financial goals and risk preferences:

Investment Philosophy and Governance:

  • Development of Investment Belief
  • Corporate Governance and Charter
  • Shaping and Defining Core Investment Principles
  • Establishing Governance Structures and Corporate Charters

Due Diligence and Underwriting:

  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Investment Due Diligence and Underwriting
  • Assessment and Risk Underwriting of Potential Investments
  • Comprehensive Investment Policies for Strategic Guidance

Reporting and Technology Integration:

  • Investment Reporting Planning
  • Technology and Software Systems Implementation
  • Planning and Structuring Investment Reports for Transparency
  • Integrating Advanced Technology for Efficient Investment Systems

Execution and Legal Compliance:

  • Business Execution Support and Management
  • Incorporation, Declaration, and Setup
  • Transaction Structuring and Implementation
  • Offering Memorandum and Agreements
  • Fund Accounting and Investor Reporting
  • Assessing Investors’ KYC Requirements
  • Monitoring Subscription, Agreement, and Sale


Our Co-Management business model presents a seamless solution, delivering exceptional cash flow, value creation, and unmatched management support, all while ensuring compliance with regulations and adhering to an affordable budget.

We empower individual investors, family offices, private equity firms, and business entities to thrive with a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring investment transactions are easy, compliant, and cost-effective.

  • Control: Retain control over your operations while benefiting from collaborative management approaches.
  • Fee Savings: Enjoy cost-effective solutions that contribute to substantial savings in fees.
  • Enhanced Earnings: Leverage collective expertise to optimize earnings and financial performance.
  • Greater Transparency: Embrace a model that prioritizes transparency, offering clear insights into operations and decision-making processes.
  • Potential for Higher Returns: Explore the potential for elevated returns through collaborative investment strategies.
  • Regulation and Compliance: Ensure adherence to regulatory standards with built-in features that support compliance.
  • Dedicated Support: Access dedicated support from experienced professionals, including legal and securities marketing experts.
  • Technology: Utilize our state-of-the-art, technology-enabled platform for streamlined and efficient operations.
  • Value Creation: Elevate the value proposition for your customers and members, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Time Savings: Implement a ready-to-operate model that saves valuable time, allowing focus on strategic aspects of your business.
  • Fund Management Made Easy: Efficiently manage and support a multi-million-dollar business with ease, thanks to our comprehensive and user-friendly approach to fund management.

Co-Management offers a multifaceted approach that not only addresses immediate operational needs but also positions your business for long-term growth and success.


Initial Application
Start by completing the Co-manager Application form. Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to understand your unique needs. By providing essential information about your capital base, clients and member base, we can tailor our approach to ensure your success as a Co-Manager.

Our due-diligence team thoroughly examines your submitted information, ensuring a comprehensive understanding. Subsequently, we arrange a collaborative call to foster deeper insights, address queries, and enhance the evaluation process.

Co-Management Agreement
Signing the Co-Management Agreement marks the beginning of an exciting chapter. Our entire team, including lawyers and securities marketing experts, will collaborate with you, ensuring your campaign is well-prepared for launch with our comprehensive support when needed. ​


DiliCapital technology services are comprehensive, flexible, and can be modified to fit a client’s needs. Our team, partners, and advisers have played important technical and advisory roles in projects, including:

Payment Gateway & Mobile Wallet
DiliCapital and its team built and deployed a mobile money wallet platform with a global payment processing network to enable merchants to accept fiat and cryptocurrencies in-store & online for a mobile money company in Trinidad and Tobago.

Asset Tokenization
DiliCapital and its team built and deployed a digital registry and asset tokenization platform for funds, equity & assets across multiple verticals (Real-estate, Mining, Stocks & Future Precious metals & other commodities). This platform was deployed for a real estate firm in Toronto.

We built and launched a licensed, compliant crypto trading exchange with multiple order books, sales and pairs, plug and play integration with wallet, AML, KYC, and a fully featured trading platform for a company in Indiana, USA. ​

For more information about our technology investment opportunities, please contact us at