Our Investment Philosophy

We seek and generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our Partners through the rigorous due diligence of all credit opportunities at both company and individual levels.

We strive to maximize expected, not potential, return through fundamentals-driven, bottom-up investment selection that leverages the depth and experience of our investment team.


Capital Preservation: Preserving our limited partners’ capital is our first and primary focus. We source for safe equity investments with strong fundamentals.

Long-Term Return: Our limited partners depend on us, so we seek to generate superior returns with our targeted investor IRR of 25%, equity multiple of 2.5x on invested capital for a  holding period of 5 years.


DiliCapital Equity Partners focuses on investing and operating high-quality essential products and technology application services in:

  • Real Estate: Proptech
  • Hospitality: Travetech
  • Mobility: Delivery and Transportation Applications
  • Energy: EnergyTech
  • Infrastructure: Infrafintech
  • Financial services: Paytech plus 

We partner and acquire high-quality businesses and apply our global investing and operational expertise to create value for all stakeholders and create economic growth.


Creative Solutions

Our objective is to develop superior financial solutions that maximize value and minimize risk for our partners and investors. Each transaction is unique and tailored to provide the best possible solution for all stakeholders.

Portfolio Operation Team (POT)

POT provides hands-on support to help our investments in businesses become more productive, efficient, and valuable. Team members are experienced, successful business leaders and consultants who partner with portfolio company management to drive more robust performance. Once a business joins the portfolio, the team helps management craft a 100-day plan and longer-term strategies and assist them in putting ideas into practice.

Experience Leadership

DiliCapital experienced investment teams are committed to originating, analyzing, executing, and managing investments. We have significant experience and expertise in the evaluation and oversight of businesses in a variety of industries. Our solutions are based on the specific needs of companies.

Sector Operation Team (SOT)

SOT is sector specialists with an average of over 15 years of experience each. They advise DiliCapital through the investment process – from sourcing deals, conducting diligence, managing companies, and exiting transactions. They provide support in analyzing each transaction strategically and thoroughly to formulate a truly unique solution to realize the best interests of all parties.


Our Business Model: Our business model of investing in technology applications in real estate, hospitality, financial services, energy, infrastructure and mobility with our operational capability can generate an opportunity for a unicorn. 

​Operations  Approach
This capability provides hands-on support to help our investments become more productive, efficient, and valuable. Our Portfolio Operation Team (POT)  drives the embedded growth potential to enhance EBITDA and cash flows.

​Attractive Returns
Our primary objective is managing our Limited Partners’ capital with care, discipline and patience.  We strive to deliver compelling risk-adjusted  2.5x cash-on-cash returns over five years.

Long Term View
A long-range view enables us to ride out market cycles and maximize value through operational improvements over time. This proven strategy combines a value investment approach with operating expertise, and capital discipline allows us to meet our target.

We have a global reach. Our extensive global network of international relationships enables us to source investment opportunities virtually anywhere in the world for the benefit of our Limited Partners.

​Decarbonization: Strong ESG practices support global decarbonization and create long-term value for stakeholders.

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