We invest and provide infrastructure services in Africa. Our goal is to leverage DiliCapital’s value-added approach to drive value creation and spur economic growth.

Long Term
DiliCapital Infrastructure team invests in long-term projects. Our investments and that of our partners fund essential assets that help meet the needs of everyday life and support economic growth and productivity.

​Sector Experience
Our team focuses on investing across various sectors and leverages our extensive experience to execute often complex value creation plans. We work with project sponsors, and Dilicapital drives performance through stakeholder engagement, advisory, and project financing arrangements.

While we emphasize blending Mezzanine and PE into a Hybrid investment model, underwriting execution, portfolio construction, and resources of the sponsor firm’s personnel and systems to achieve better risk-adjusted returns, we believe infrafintech will play a more significant role in African infrastructure development.


Stakeholders Engagement
DiliCapital works with governments, regulators, project sponsors, and stakeholders on policies, regulations, financial market reforms supporting infrastructure financing.

Policy, Regulation in Financing
We provide financing services on developing bankable project pipelines, partnership with development banks and infrastructure agencies to strengthen institutional capacity, develop investment vehicles, credit enhancement instruments, and mobilize advisory and financing services across different infrastructure sectors to build more robust markets for infrastructure assets


General Management
ESG in Project Financing
Off-Takers Management
Financial Management

​Policy and Regulation
Prioritization of Project Pipeline
PPP Regulatory and Institutional Frameworks
Project Bankability and Fiscal Sustainability

Guarantee Program
Collateral Arrangement
Credit Enhancements for Senior Lenders
Project Assistance and Financial Guarantees

Bonds & Capital Market
Bonds Programs
Capital Markets Solutions for Capital Mobilization
Refinancing, Investment Funds and Bonds

General Project Transaction Advisory
Project Bankability Advisory and Reviews

Project Financing Arrangements
Tailored Financing Solutions for Projects

Risk Management
Effective Risk-Allocation Policies
Country and PPP Project De-Risking

Financing Technology
Infrafintech: Infrastructure Finance Technology
Institutional Investors Mobilization and Infrafintech

Capital Optimization
Capital Recycling Planning and Execution
Public and Private Infrastructure related Revenue Optimization


Strong Cash Flow
We invest in projects with strong cash flow characteristics, where we have identified opportunities in partnership with the management, to effect change and profitability.

​Capable Management
We seek entities with proven management teams, looking for a non-disruptive capital raise, allowing DiliCapital to achieve a leveraged buy-in where necessary.

Value Addition
We seek to add value through an operationally focused mindset, direct engagement with stakeholders, diligence in the project management, transparency, and accountability.

Strict Underwriting
We apply three tiers of underwriting for our infrastructure investments: external commercial credit underwriting by an insurance company; internal proprietary underwriting; and our proprietary risk-mitigated equity underwriting.

Credit Enhancement
We invest in infrastructure projects that can utilize investment-grade credit guarantees issued, on behalf of DiliCapital for the benefit of the project, qualifying as senior debt issued by a commercial or investment bank.

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