Our investment banking services in real estate, energy, infrastructure, and other opportunistic sectors create jobs and drive economic expansion.

DiliCapital’s approach empowers clients to reach their financing goals across real estate, energy, and infrastructure sectors. Our seasoned team guarantees financial integrity and precision from project initiation to deal closure.

Distinctive Edge
Drawing from a decade-long legacy, our investment team merges advisory expertise, consulting finesse, and strategic financial service investments. Our profound sector-specific grasp spans the industry spectrum that drives global economic impact.

Driving Growth
In a dynamic financial landscape of shifting sub-sectors worldwide, we harness deep industry expertise, a strong network, and an experienced team to partner with companies. Together, we drive growth and fortify management teams.

Unleashing Potential
DiliCapital revolutionizes financial services with technology. From structured finance advice to fintech investments in North America, Africa, and Europe, we fuel innovative enterprises. With our network, expertise, and resources, we drive cutting-edge success.

Fueling Ambitions
Achieve your business goals with precision financing. Our experts work closely with you to create and execute customized solutions, enhancing capital structure and fueling growth via debt, equity, syndications, and structured finance.

Sector-Centric Excellence
With a keen awareness of the distinct hurdles within each sector, our team possesses deep-seated sector specialization. From real estate, energy, infrastructure to other opportunities, we expertly tailor strategies that harmonize with the subtleties of each domain.


The Techs
We invest and partner with global businesses in the financial services industry sub-sectors, including insurance, specialty finance companies, and financial technology in paytech, wealth tech, insuretech, etc.

Investment Structure
We are selective in our partnerships but flexible on capital, minority or majority ownership, and growth stage, which allows us to work with great companies regardless of their size or current capital needs.

Our Portfolio Operations Team (POT), with decades of operational experience in financial services, helps aggressively improve the asset’s performance. Once a business joins the portfolio, the team helps management craft a 100-day plan and longer-term strategies and assist them in putting ideas into practice.

Competitive Advantage
With the POT working with the management teams of our portfolio companies, DiliCapital excels in driving performance through multiple levels of value creation, including international expansion, new product development, and strategic positioning strategies, which can become a substantial competitive advantage.


Our project financing advisory service is comprehensive, flexible, and modified to fit clients’ needs. We know what is critical to successful project financing. The following are samples of our past work:

Review and Audit
We assisted an asset management firm in entering a new market. We reviewed and audited a financial model and its corresponding term sheet for a convertible loan facility.

Financing Advisory & Bond issuance
We provided advisory services to issue a $1 billion Medium Term Note Program. Our team worked closely with the client and their financing advisors to determine the first bond issue within the program.

Financing Modelling & Investment Analysis
We created a financial model for use by management in a $500 million expansion project. Our in-house financial experts created a complementary model with scenarios and sensitivities for the client’s investment.

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