We play a vital role in providing businesses with the capital to realize their growth potential.

In DiliCapital, we apply our skills in private equity to deliver solutions that create value and give life to innovation. We invest our partners’ capital in fueling the development of businesses and communities. We provide our portfolio investment companies with access to a broad range of resources to support operational improvements, revenue growth, and market expansion. We manage our investors’ assets to ensure a secured and enjoyable life for them and their families.

Powerful Catalyst

Central to this approach is our belief that the private equity model can be a powerful catalyst for improving businesses. We utilize our full capabilities in all stages of the investment process, including sourcing, diligence, and value creation. Our diverse platform has also helped bring new and exciting investment opportunities and generate stable, persistent returns.

Our Partners

Our culture emphasizes a strong alignment with the interests of our partners. We invest in businesses and entrepreneurship that will be the wellsprings of future opportunities on behalf of our partners. We protect our partners’ capital, generate superior returns with our targeted investor IRR of 25%, target equity multiple of 2.5x for a  holding period of 5 years. Our goal is to continue to earn our investors’ loyalty. This commitment is reflected in our culture that values relationship, excellence, and integrity. We only succeed when our partners are successful.


Industry Expertise

DiliCapital private equity investing focuses on the industries where we believe our expertise can provide us with a competitive advantage and make a real impact in real estate, infrastructure, hospitality, renewable energy, financial services, and technology & innovation.

Tier1 Management

We have an experienced investment team that can bring the total resources of the DiliCapital platform to partner with tier1 management teams in building market-leading and market-defining companies. We look to leverage our team’s knowledge and experience to create the most value and impact over the long term. 

Discipline Due Diligence

Our investment approach is based on a disciplined due diligence process that measures risk. At the same time, we identify opportunities to create value by investing in great businesses where our capital, strategic insight, and operational support can drive transformation. We engage only in friendly transactions and work with experienced management teams to achieve positive results.

Local Insights

Our investment team is committed to creating value in the markets we live, work in, and invest in. We can make better investment decisions and better understand the communities where we support through our local insights. We can also identify unique opportunities to partner with local businesses that are ready for their next phase of growth.



Creative Solutions

Our objective is to develop superior financial solutions that maximize value and minimize risk for our partners and investors. Each transaction is unique and tailored to provide the best possible solution for all stakeholders.

Experience Leadership

DiliCapital experienced investment teams are committed to originating, analyzing, executing, and managing investments. We have extensive experience and expertise in the evaluation and oversight of businesses in a variety of industries. 

Sector Operations Team (SOT)

SOT is sector specialists with an average of over 15 years of experience. They advise DiliCapital through the investment process – from sourcing deals, conducting diligence, managing companies, and exiting transactions. They provide support in analyzing each transaction strategically and thoroughly to formulate a unique solution to realize the best interests of all parties.

Portfolio Operations Team (POT)

POT provides hands-on support to help our investments in businesses become more productive, efficient, and valuable. Team members are experienced, successful business leaders and consultants who partner with portfolio company management to drive more robust performance. 


Risk Mitigation: DiliCapital completes underwriting by working with globally recognized insurance companies to bind line-item expense allowing for the loan guarantee’s default risk to be mitigated right at the loan’s inception. 

Business Model: Our business model of no cash disbursement creates a firewall of insurances to help guarantee that our investments never sustain any loss. The insurance companies provide financial loss insurance policies that indemnify and protect against economic loss. 

Decarbonization: Strong ESG practices support global decarbonization and create long-term value for stakeholders.

High-Quality Cash Flows Proven strategy combining a value investment approach with operating expertise and capital discipline with a target for delivering 2X cash-on-cash return over five years total returns and 8% annualized preferred return.

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