Our Investment Philosophy

To seek and generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our partners through the rigorous due diligence of all credit opportunities at both corporate and individual levels.

o strive to maximize expected, not potential return through fundamentals-driven, bottom-up investment selection that leverages the depth and experience of our investment team.


DiliCapital Income Partners provides investors with the opportunity to consistently generate stable and secure returns on investment by participating in a diversified portfolio of sustainable assets:

Capital Preservation: Preserve investors’ capital while generating an attractive return of 8-10% annually, distributed quarterly. 

Regular Distribution: Our limited partners depend on us, so we strive to provide them with stable and secure cash distributions of between 8-10% of invested capital annually, paid quarterly.

Consistency: Lastly, we strive for consistency and predictability in our returns, year-to-year.

Niche Market: We achieve these objectives by investing in an under-serviced niche market that requires short-term, flexible credit tailored to the borrowers’ needs.

  • Opportunity within complexity: lead to higher loan pricing
  • Flexibility: no formulaic lending
  • Speed: quick commitment and efficient underwriting
  • Experience: the ability to work through problem solution

The partnership’s goal is to obtain favourable yields and maximize distributions through the efficient sourcing and management of our portfolio of credit investments. 

We seek to achieve our investment objectives by investing, directly or indirectly, in credit investment opportunities in real estate, hospitality, secured and collateralized credit. See one of our fixed income portfolios at www.MIC-IN-A-BOX.com


Hands on Process

Successful lending involves an intense, hands-on process which is essential to avoid losses.

While our approach is simple, its consistent execution over many years is more involved and is based on the following parameters:

Solid Underwriting

Rigorous analysis, visiting every asset and interviewing every borrower is the foundation of our lending. Loan-to-value ratios of approximately 65% at the time of underwriting help create a margin of safety and with an average term of under two years.


A mix of loans by size, borrower, geography and asset types smoothens returns by limiting exposure to any one area. On larger loans, we reduce our exposure by requesting for extra collateral or including a syndicate. We have extensive expertise in working through difficult situations when they do arise to produce successful outcomes.

Monitoring and Exit Strategy

Before we invest, we have a clear understanding of the path to the exit. Once a loan is advanced we continue to regularly monitor the borrower and the asset until the credit is repaid.


The Opportunity:
We invest in short-term credit opportunities in real estate, and verifiable collaterals at a low loan to value.

Capital Preservation:
Our credit applicants undergo rigorous underwriting, and our investment is secured with verifiable collaterals.

Attractive Returns:
An annual 8 -10% of the invested amount, quarterly distributed. Click here to see our Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) Offering.

Risk Management: 

  • A clear path to exit,
  • Extensive monitoring,
  • Rigorous underwriting process,
  • In Canada and the United States of America,
  • Secured with collateral and adjunct collateral, and
  • They are diversified by type, amount, maturity, sector, and geography.

On How to Invest please visit here.