DiliCapital spearheads result-driven, inclusive financing solutions in the energy sector, advancing clean energy, energy efficiency, and renewable energy solutions.

The world’s growing energy needs demand innovative solutions for complex energy challenges. That’s why we’re assisting our customers in raising capital for renewable energy and thermal power projects, both small and large-scale, spanning North America, Europe, and Africa.

Renewable Energy Financing
We offer robust support to renewable energy projects and clients across North America, Europe, and Africa. With our deep-rooted expertise in energy investments, we craft bespoke financial solutions for a onshore, offshore, and re-powering ventures. Our comprehensive offerings encompass structured equity, structured debt, preferred equity, and bespoke solutions. Our commitment perfectly aligns with the prevailing trend, where renewable energy investments are outpacing fossil fuel investments at an impressive two-to-one ratio.

Thermal Energy Financing
We leverage cutting-edge technology through strategic partnerships for global energy financing. Our approach spans the entire project life cycle in creating customize financial solutions for both base and intermediate peaking power generation. Our commitment encompasses the full spectrum of customer financing needs, facilitating project development, financing, and construction at any stage. We provide a variety of financial instruments, including project equity, preferred equity, structured debt, co-development capital, and personalized solutions.

Structured Financing Market
We leverage our expertise in energy finance and our extensive network, which includes export credit agencies, development financial institutions, and other financiers, to craft customized solutions for our clients. Our ability to secure capital from both the private and public sectors underscores the growing investor interest in supporting energy projects. Our access to funding sources enables us to arrange debt and equity providers, direct loans, structured finance, equity investments, and risk guarantees for energy projects.


Flexible Capital
We seek to invest in the next generation of mobility innovation that will shape the energy, utility and transportation sectors. DiliCapital is dedicated to providing technology in the mobility landscape with flexible capital, expertise, and strategic support to drive commercialization and scale from early through growth stages of enterprise value creation.

Experience Team ​
Our Portfolio Operation team is made up of successful mobility sector operators and that have worked together for many years and have generated successful exits for founders in the mobility sector.

Our approach is to drive value into our investments, bringing the depth and breadth of our ecosystem to every opportunity. We strive to streamline and optimize collaboration between our network and portfolio companies to build market leaders.

When we engage in an opportunity, embrace the culture of partnership and collaboration and work tirelessly in our efforts to add value alongside our partners. We strive to generate sustainable value creation and attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.


The Team
We seek opportunities with exceptional teams with extraordinary capabilities to build successful companies that can transform and redefine the future of mobility. We will partner with teams globally on an opportunistic basis.

The Technology
We seek Technology-enabled solutions or business models with high growth addressable markets in high-value with attractive and scalable business models which leverage sustainable competitive differentiation, defensible IP, and operational advantages.

​The Stage
We partner with companies across all stages of enterprise value creation from late development and seed through commercialization and growth.

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