As a big believer in TravelTech, we invest and work with hospitality sponsors to attract patrons to our facilities and let them know the true meaning of leisure.

Capital Infusion
DiliCapital focuses on acquiring existing full-service boutique and independent buildings which are suitable for conversion to a hotel and that can benefit from capital infusion, renovation, repositioning, enhanced branding, and management.

Discipline Acquisition
Our highly disciplined Hospitality Sector Operations Team with extensive industry knowledge can identify underperforming properties for partnership or acquisition. We leverage our construction and design relationships to evaluate and execute complex capital improvements and redevelopment projects, enabling us to take advantage of opportunities.

​Aggressive Improvement
Our Portfolio Operations Team (POT), with decades of operational experience in hospitality, helps improve the assets’ performance aggressively. Once a business joins the portfolio, the team helps management craft a 100-day plan with long term strategies and assist them in putting ideas into practice.


Membership and Technology
We believe in TravelTech. We invest and work collaboratively with the hospitality ecosystem under a membership model to attract patrons to our facilities. Technology also enhances the management and operations of our facilities to deliver a world-class customer experience.

New Development
Select ground-up development projects where supply and demand fundamentals support new construction, and land can be purchased at a favorable price with entitlements already in place.

Existing hotels in desirable locations and need of capital for repositioning. Properties that are well located but fail to perform to their full potential due to abuse and management inefficiency.

Building Conversion
Offices, government, warehouse, medical, buildings that are well located and suitable for conversion for hospitality use.

Operations Enhancement
Existing hotels in good physical condition that can benefit from our asset management approach and rebranding.


Boutique & Independent
We believe that boutique and independent hotel segments offer some of the best investment opportunities in hotel real estate due to a combination of growing consumer demand and opportunities for outsized performance improvement due to inconsistent execution by inexperienced owners and operators in this niche.

Sub-Urban Markets & Leisure Destinations
We focus on primary sub-urban markets and leisure destinations with high average daily rates and diversified and growing demand characteristics. The boutique hotel product we create stands out among the competition.

Equity Position
We are willing to make minority and majority investments in preferred and common securities. We provide capital to fund growth and acquisitions. Our targeted equity commitment is typically between $5 and $50 million. Still, we will selectively invest in assets requiring both more minor and more significant commitment obligations.

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