We provide capital to companies by investing in debt that offers attractive risk-adjusted returns, which enhances our stability in various market conditions.

DiliCapital Credit was founded as Lepton Financial in 2006 and amalgamated with the premise that the same successful models of analysis developed in DiliCapital’s private equity business could be applied to credit investing. We use credit strategies, including direct lending, leveraged loans, hybrid debt, and equity solutions with high-rated bonds.

Investment Philosophy

Our Private Credit investment seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns of 8% annually  for our investors through rigorous due diligence at the industry, company, and individual levels. We strive to maximize expected, not potential, return through fundamentals-driven, bottom-up investment selection that leverages the depth and experience of our investment team.

Credit Opportunities

DiliCapital Credit seeks to identify attractive credit opportunities in Canada and the USA supported by robust operational and technical resources. We are proud of the long-standing relationships we have built with our investors and institutions worldwide, including endowments, foundations, family offices, and others, during the last 15 years, and we seek to provide transparency and best-in-class service.

Our Partners

DiliCapital’s culture emphasizes a strong alignment with the interests of our partners. We invest in businesses and entrepreneurship that will be the wellsprings of future opportunities on behalf of our partners. We protect our partners’ capital, generate superior returns and continue to earn their loyalty. This commitment is reflected in a culture that values relationships, excellence, and integrity. We know that we only succeed when our partners are successful.


DiliCapital credit strategies offer some of the most attractive risk-reward opportunities while allowing us to act as a solutions provider to companies.

Direct Lending

Our direct lending investment capabilities have expanded since we began investing in the asset class in 2006. Our investment activity now spans the private credit universe, enabling us to lend to investment opportunities in personal debt issued by companies with little or no access to traditional sources of financing. The strategies seek to achieve attractive, risk-adjusted absolute returns by pursuing a fundamental, value-driven, opportunistic approach that leverages strong relationships with private equity sponsors, senior advisors, and potential borrowers around the globe.

Leveraged Finance

Our leveraged finance is an integrated operation with significant expertise in structuring financings across a broad spectrum of non-investment grade debt products. We offer a full suite of debt products, including first lien and second lien credit facilities, asset-based facilities, bridge facilities, and mezzanine financing to assist clients in raising capital for acquisitions, leveraged buy-outs, refinancings & recapitalizations, project financing, and other purposes.

Hybrid- Debt, and Equity

DiliCapital hybrid debt and equity strategies bring together the best of our capabilities across debt and equity to provide project sponsors with creative and expedient capital solutions that can respond to their needs. We provide the know-how across real estate, infrastructure, hospitality, renewable energy, financial services, and technology sectors to sponsors seeking bespoke structures, value-add resources, or advice. Our Hybrid strategies are well-positioned to deploy capital during both periods of dislocation and market strength as we focus on uncovering the best risk-reward in any phase of the cycle.

Investment Grade Bonds

Our high-grade bonds investments are some of the lowest risk investments in the market. They are explicitly backed by either Government or highly rated companies (e.g., AAA to BBB) by agencies such as Standard & Poors and Moody’s. While investment-grade bonds earn most of their return from income, which is currently low because of the quiet yield environment, DiliCapital applies level through our operations.

DiliCapital propriety project financing model applies leverages to these bonds portfolios to achieve a handsome risk-adjusted return for our investors. DiliCapital investment-grade bonds investment offers liquidity in all market conditions, good diversification against higher-risk asset holdings, risk-adjusted returns when combined with credit in a balanced portfolio, and peace of mind through capital preservation.


DiliCapital Credit focuses on the need of the project sponsor. Our objective will be what fulfills the financing need of your project. Our team and advisers have played important financing roles in arranging credit to individuals, public and private ventures. 

Medium Term Note Arrangement: We worked with our UK-based law firm to set up a €75 million Medium Term Note (MTN) for a Canadian Company for mortgage financing and project development in Canada.

Green Bond Advisory: DiliCapital provided advisory services in the issuance of a $100 million Green Bond in Florida, the USA, to develop and construct a Solar Energy plant in Florida and a hydroponic farm in Mexico.

Canadian Mining Company: We worked with a Toronto-based Company mining company to arrange a $25 million Medium Term Note to scale their mining operation in Alberta, Canada.

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