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We invest in alternative asset classes on behalf of our Partners


DiliCapital is an alternative asset manager that invests on behalf of its partners to achieve their financial goals of capital growth and preservation. Our private equity, credit, and project financing investments help fuel businesses in real estate, infrastructure, technology, financial services, hospitality, energy, and mobility.  We manage our partners’ and accredited individuals’ assets to ensure a secured and enjoyable life for them and their families.

An Asset Management Company

Modern Financing Structures

Making Positive Impact

Our services include arranging project financing and supporting companies and organizations in overcoming capital challenges by providing high-quality financing services that exceed clients’ expectations while reducing risks. Whether in earlier-stage or scaling in need to secure market position or an established business in growth mode, we help by offering innovative structures and modern financing techniques essential for success in the world’s current business environment.

We protect cash flow, diversify risk, increase funding opportunities, and support businesses at all stages, including those with a recurring fees revenue model. Our investment approach recognizes value or the potential for value in private equity, credit, and project financing investments. Our teams of experts provide the strategic and analytic resources needed to build and grow great businesses that drive economic growth and make a positive impact.