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DiliCapital invests and offers financing services to project sponsors and investors for projects in North America and Africa. 


Investor and Arranger

DiliCapital offers project financing services to project sponsors and investors in project financing for projects in real estate, renewable energy, infrastructure, technology, hospitality, and financial services. Sectors. Our financing models are designed to maximize economic value and returns for project sponsors, investors, and other stakeholders.

Early Bankability Review

Determining the viability of a project even before contemplating the process to obtain financing and reaching a final investment decision is a critical first step. DiliCapital and Project financing investors require a robust analysis of your project before financing commitments are provided.

Project Financing Advisory

A well-developed project and financing model will go a long way in getting a project off the ground. ​We provide financing advisory service, developing a fair and attractive deal structure and financial model to determine the appropriate valuation range necessary to qualify for competitive financing.

Tier1 Project Finance Network

In order to arrange financing for projects, we engage the broad sectors knowledge of our team in financial engineering, accounting, taxation, economics, ESG, and our strategic relationships with top-tier legal firms, accredited financing sources, including investment banks, insurance companies, pension funds, and venture capital firms to meet our clients’ project financing needs.


Stakeholders Engagement

DiliCapital works with governments, regulators, project sponsors, and stakeholders on policies, regulations, financial market reforms supporting infrastructure financing. 

Policy, Regulation in Financing

We provide financing advisory on ways to develop bankable project pipelines, partnership with development banks and infrastructure agencies to strengthen institutional capacity, develop investment vehicles, credit enhancement instruments, mobilize both advisory and financing services across different infrastructure sectors to build more robust markets for infrastructure assets.




General Project Transaction Advisory

Project Bankability Advisory and Reviews


Project Financing Arrangement

Tailored Financing Solutions For Projects


Risk Management

Effective Risk-Allocation Policies

Country and PPP Project De-Risking

Financing Technology

Infrafintech: Infrastructure Finance Technology

Institutional Investors Mobilization And Infrafintech

Capital Optimization

Capital Recycling Planning and Execution

Public and Private Infrastructure Related Revenue Optimization

General Management

ESG in Project Financing

Off-Takers Management

Financial Management

Policy and Regulation

Prioritization of Project Pipeline

PPP Regulatory And Institutional Frameworks

Project Bankability And Fiscal Sustainability


Guarantee Program

Collateral Arrangement and Perfection

Credit Enhancements for Senior Lenders

Project Assistance and Financial Guarantees


Bonds & Capital Market

Collateral and Bonds Programs

Capital Markets Solutions for Capital Mobilization

Refinancing, Investment Funds, and Bonds

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DiliCapital project financing services are comprehensive, flexible, and modified to fit client's needs. Our team, partners, and advisers have played important financing roles in project finance in public and private ventures, including:

Real Estate and Mortgage FinancingDiliCapital arranged $975 million to develop real estate in Ontario, Regina, and Saskatoon. Our term worked with the client's financial advisors. Our network partners in these transactions were Woolfson and Woolfson, Castle Capital, and Romspen.

Trade Instrument Intermediation: By relying on trade instruments and our proprietary structured finance approach, we worked with other syndicates to arrange delivery of refined petroleum products of $1.08 billion within eighteen months to the Government of Sudan.


Textile & Apparel Plant Financing: We provided advisory and financing services for the development and arrangement of $100 million funding for Akkineni & Thiruvalluvar Textile by working with Benton Capital in the UAE.

For more information about our project financing services, please contact us at contact@dilicapital.com.