DiliCapital is the partner of choice for tech entrepreneurs and management teams that are focused on global, investment-led growth and commercial opportunities.

Disruptive Tech Investments
DiliCapital invests in tech opportunities with founders, technology entrepreneurs, and management teams of Infrafintech, Fintech, TravelTech, Proptech, Cleantech, Blockchain, and other application software companies across various stages of growth, ranging from market leaders to disruptive businesses that are earlier in their journey.

​Differentiated Value
We seek opportunities to add differentiated value through our platform, sector expertise, business model, and experience. We support technology companies across various sub-sectors and conditions, with partnership with Ryerson University. We leverage our collective resources to develop and execute bespoke value creation plans tailored to each company’s unique needs and opportunities.

We pride ourselves on being a collaborative partner who is invested in the success of each investment we make. We seek to invest with funders and management teams and support them in achieving their vision. We do not run their business but provide strategic and operational support, data-driven insights and resources to help accelerate their growth and reach their full potentials on time.


Our Sector Operations Team (SOT) identifies opportunities to partner with Infrafintech, Fintech, TravelTech, Proptech, Cleantech, and other application software. They employ a focused strategy and concentrated investment approach to ensure alignment with our management team. The SOT provides support in analyzing each transaction strategically and thoroughly to formulate a truly unique solution to realize the best interests of all parties.

Emerging Technologies
We focus exclusively on emerging technologies in sectors where we have deep and relevant experience and relationships. Our portfolio companies benefit from the knowledge, industry perspectives, and networks built within DiliCapital Tech Opportunities. This drives our technology priorities in Infrafintech, Fintech, TravelTech, Proptech, Cleantech, and other applications.

Flexible Capital
We look for the right founders and management teams to invest in and structure our capital according to their needs. We are willing to make minority and majority investments in preferred and common securities. We provide capital to fund growth, acquisitions or to facilitate liquidity for shareholders.

Our Portfolio Operations Team (POT), with decades of operational experience in technology, helps our portfolio companies accelerate growth through organic and inorganic strategies. Once a business joins the portfolio, the team helps management craft a 100-day plan with long term strategies and assist them in putting ideas into practice. Our internal and external talent network spans all functional areas and is available to support our management teams.


DiliCapital technology services are comprehensive, flexible, and can be modified to fit a client’s needs. Our team, partners, and advisers have played important technical and advisory roles in projects, including:

Payment Gateway & Mobile Wallet
DiliCapital and its team built and deployed a mobile money wallet platform with a global payment processing network to enable merchants to accept fiat and cryptocurrencies in-store & online for a mobile money company in Trinidad and Tobago.

Asset Tokenization
DiliCapital and its team built and deployed a digital registry and asset tokenization platform for funds, equity & assets across multiple verticals (Real-estate, Mining, Stocks & Future Precious metals & other commodities). This platform was deployed for a real estate firm in Toronto.

We built and launched a licensed, compliant crypto trading exchange with multiple order books, sales and pairs, plug and play integration with wallet, AML, KYC, and a fully featured trading platform for a company in Indiana, USA. ​

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